Rarely today do parents or teachers spend sufficient time with young adults discussing the future and the expectations they have for themselves.  This often results in young adults coming out of high school without a Vision and without a Plan for how to achieve their aspirations.  This can lead to poor lifestyle decisions and long term disappointment 

While we should not expect a young adult to have an ironclad Vision of their future, what is critical is the development of a thought process that enables them to begin thinking about the future and how they should prepare themselves for the lifestyle they envision for themselves.  With the explosion of technology, our world is changing at an exponential rate and none of us are capable of accurately predicting what the future will look like.  However, given that there will continue to be a rapid pace of change, it is more important than ever that young adults develop a Vision.  This Vision will constantly change, but it can guide decisions relative to academics, coursework, extra-curricular activity, work experience, etc., decisions that will ultimately affect their future

A Vision should encompass a broad view of the future.  What does a young adult expect relative to income, lifestyle, family, work,  life balance, etc.?  Establishing even a basic Vision is critical in enabling a young adult to start planning for their future, a future that will hopefully bring them personal fulfillment