The next priority for a young adult is to develop a Plan that can enable them to achieve their Vision.  This Plan should focus on activities under their control such as performance in school, coursework or training taken to support ones occupational objectives, athletic endeavors, part-time employment, social work, etc.

What’s important is that the Plan support achievement of the young adult’s Vision.  If the individual plans to go to college, then the Plan should focus on academics and activities that influence college acceptance.  If the individual is not prone to further education, then the Plan should involve activities such as vocational training, part time jobs that provide relevant skills, or other activities that prepare the young adult to earn an income and support themselves financially after high school is completed

Our current educational system does not adequately prepare young adults for life after High School, especially if they do not plan to go to college.  Mentors can help young adults think about their Vision, undertake an Assessment of their skills and capabilities, and develop a Plan that will enable them to achieve a satisfying and successful life