Once a young adult establishes a Vision for their future, regardless of how basic, the next step is to evaluate the reality of that Vision based on an assessment of one’s capabilities.  This requires individual’s to be brutally honest with themselves in areas such as academic skills, social adaptability, personality, athletic prowess, etc.  This can be a difficult challenge for a young adult to undertake on their own

A Mentor can be effective in assisting in this process as young adults often have an easier time discussing their strengths and weaknesses with an individual whom they trust, but who is outside of their direct family.  These discussions can be challenging with a parent or family member as many young adults don’t easily accept criticism or comments they interpret to be disparaging from direct family members

Undertaking an honest and critical self-assessment, and reviewing that assessment on a regular basis, is essential to developing and achieving a Vision that results in a meaningful and satisfying life