The population of At Risk adults in the U.S. is growing rapidly.  This includes homeless, drug addicted, mentally impaired, formerly incarcerated and other at-risk groups who face extreme challenges in reviving a meaningful future

Many times adults in this position have lost their way.  They don’t see a way out of their current predicament and retreat into seclusion or into association with other At Risk adults. They don’t believe they can have a productive role in society

A starting point in a mentoring relationship with an At Risk adult begins with understanding what led to their situation.  The discussion may well start in the past and it will probably involve a review of the events that led up to their current position.  As the initial discussions evolve, the challenge, and opportunity, for a Mentor is to help the mentee move past their current situation and re-establish a Vision for their future.  It will require small steps but helping an At Risk adult remember better times,  helping them understand that they can re-gain a  satisfying life, and giving them confidence in their ability to re-establish meaningful relationships is the first step in helping them develop a brighter Vision for their future