Monitoring Progress against their Plan is a critical aspect of keeping an At Risk adult on track to achieve the Vision they have set for themselves.   A Mentor plays a key role in helping their Mentee not only develop their Vision and Plan, but also in establishing a series of measurable milestones that can keep them on track to achieve success

A key in the early stages of any Plan is to develop simple milestones that can be measured and achieved.  This is especially important for At Risk adults who have experienced significant failure and lack confidence and commitment.  Achieving milestones should be celebrated as victories and as the Mentee begins to enjoy the positive feeling of the victories, their confidence will build as will their commitment to continued Progress

Progress will not always be positive and the Mentor will need to be a constructive force in building a confident state of mind for their Mentee.  The purpose of developing a Plan is to achieve a Vision and there are many paths that can be taken.  Successes accompany failures and by having a Plan and monitoring Progress against that Plan, a Mentor can help their Mentee make necessary adjustments