About Mentoring Messages.

Mentoring Messages was developed by Chris Lischewski, formerly the President and CEO of Bumble Bee Seafoods, a position he held for 20 years.  Mr. Lischewski is the son of immigrant parents who fled war torn Germany after WWII as they could not find employment.  They emigrated to the U.S. and found a country full of opportunity.  Mr. Lischewski’s parents taught him and his sister the value of education, the importance of hard work and the value of perseverance.  Mr. Lischewski is an example of what the U.S. offers, growing up the son of an Air Force electrician and a nurse to become the CEO of the largest branded seafood company in the U.S.

During Mr. Lischewski’s career, he has spent significant time interacting with people of different races, cultures, religions, color, education levels, income, and beliefs.  He has traveled throughout both the developed and lesser developed world.  During these travels, he has experienced first hand the challenges that children and young adults face when they don’t have access to proper education or effective life counseling. 

Based on these observations, Mr. Lischewski has spent considerable time mentoring children of friends and people he has worked with.  He has also been an active Board member at Big Brothers Big Sisters, perhaps the preeminent mentoring organization in the U.S.  He has seen first hand the value that mentoring can have on development of children and young adults. 

A key to effective mentoring is developing a relationship of trust and honesty with the individual being mentored.  It is also important that the Mentor have the tools necessary to provide a positive influence. 
Mr. Lischewski’s Mentoring Messages are a set of simple messages that Mentors can utilize in their communications with children, young adults and adults at-risk.  Incorporating these messages in interactions with Mentees can provide consistency and a set of principles that can help them achieve a meaningful and satisfying life.

While originally intended for children and young adults, Mr. Lischewski has added a slightly modified set of Mentoring Messages for adults at risk.  This recognizes that many of the messages that have been developed for young adults also apply to adults that are homeless, addicted to drugs, experience mental illness, have been incarcerated, or face other challenges that make employment and a ‘normal’ lifestyle difficult. 

This extension of the Mentoring Messages program is in recognition of Mr. Lischewski’s own experience where he was indicted and found guilty of participation in price fixing at Bumble Bee Seafoods.  While Mr. Lischewski continues to maintain his innocence, the fact that he was found guilty by a Jury means he will be facing incarceration.  This will dramatically affect his life and he is applying Mentoring Messages to his own future.

If you are reading this document it means you are a Mentor or are considering becoming one.  We would like to personally thank you for taking the time to give back to the betterment of our society and are confident you will find this experience as rewarding as the child, young adult or adult at risk whom you are mentoring. We hope these simple Mentoring Messages will assist you in your interaction with your Mentee and we know you will make a significant and meaningful impact. 

Thank you